About Us

About Us

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We are an innovative healthcare services company driven by a passionate team that challenges the status quo. Our solutions manage and reduce rising healthcare costs while enhancing the health and well-being of those we serve.

Leadership Team

Alex Fairly Photo

Alex Fairly


Caleb Fairly Photo

Caleb Fairly


Chase Fairly Photo

Chase Fairly

Chief Growth Officer

Steve Smith Photo

Steve Smith

President, FairosRx

Bogdan Stanca Photo

Bogdan Stanca

Chief Financial Officer

Carol Lockwood Photo

Carol Lockwood

Chief Production Officer

Rob Weeks Photo

Rob Weeks

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Mark Tidwell Photo

Mark Tidwell

Executive Vice President, People & Culture

Sophia Mendoza Photo

Sophia Mendoza

Executive Vice President, Member & Client Experience

Tiago Gnanasekaran Photo

Tiago Gnanasekaran

Executive Vice President, Technology

Rachel Hoffpauir Photo

Rachel Hoffpauir

Director of Repricing Operations

Blair Broadhurst Photo

Blair Broadhurst

Executive Vice President, Sales Operations & Marketing

Sales Team

Marty Joseph Photo

Marty Joseph

Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

John Crumpton Photo

John Crumpton

Chief Strategy Officer, Sales

Phil Valk Photo

Phil Valk

Executive Vice President, Sales

Art Baldwin Photo

Art Baldwin

Executive Vice President, Sales

Abby Parker Photo

Abby Parker

Vice President, Sales

Andrew Pertl Photo

Andrew Pertl

Vice President, Sales

Mike Pattengale Photo

Mike Pattengale

Vice President, Sales

Steve Hahn Photo

Steve Hahn

Vice President, Sales

Liz Linares Photo

Liz Linares

Director of Sales Enablement