Keegan Swenson

About Keegan

Keegan Swenson is a professional offroad cyclist (gravel/mountain biking) known for his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. After becoming the top US Mountain biker and declining offers to race in Europe for the best road teams in the world, Swenson instead chose an alternative path in his professional cycling journey... gravel. His overwhelming success is propelling gravel racing to becoming one of most exciting and passionate new forms of bicycle racing in the cycling world. And the world is taking notice of Keegan Swenson. His exciting brand of racing is bringing thousands of new enthusiasts in a sport that emphasizes the value of grit, tenacity, and relentless dedication.

Reshaping Paradigms

Keegan decision to 'race gravel' is literally reshaping the bicycle racing world in the US and abroad. Fairos shares Keegan's drive to find success and results in a healthcare landscape whose approach has remained fundamentally stagnant for over 25 years. Choosing a new path is challenging, but similar to Keegan's impact on the cycling world, our clients are finding that this new paradigm can achieve results that weren't considered possible just a few short years ago, and in so doing, we're delivering healthcare affordability and first-class member experiences.

Our Partnership

Fairos' partnership between Keegan is a match forged on mutual values, hard work, and shared goals. Swenson's prowess in outdoor adventure sports aligns perfectly with Fairos' commitment to achieving results in healthcare delivery. Swenson's dedication to pushing boundaries and striving for excellence resonates with Fairos' innovative spirit, making this partnership not just a good fit but a synergistic alliance poised to redefine standards in performance and results.

Keegan's Career Highlights

2019 Cross-Country MTB US National Champion

2021 Cross-Country MTB US National Champion

2022 Cross-Country MTB US National Champion

2021 Leadville Trail 100: Winner

2022 Leadville Trail 100: Winner

2022 Life Time Grand Prix: Winner

2023 Leadville Trail 100: Winner (Course Record)

2023 Gravel World Championships: 5th

2023 Gravel US National Champion

2023 Life Time Grand Prix: Winner