How one company on one platform is reducing total cost of care

How one company on one platform is reducing total cost of care

Finally, A Complete Healthcare Solution


Total Cost Tracking | The Big Picture

Track total cost of care for specific disease states while enhancing clinical Rx cost management through insight into each patient's entire healthcare journey.

Identify Wasteful Spend

Precisely identify areas of waste and duplicate spending.

Convenience & Member Service

One company with a single point of contact for both medical & pharmacy care.

Negotiate Fair Rates

Use pharmacy knowledge to negotiate fair and reasonable rates on medical drugs.

Manage & Reduce Cost

Identify high-cost medications & infusions to transition to the pharmacy.

About our Medical & Pharmacy Offerings:

Fairos is a proven self-funded employer healthcare solution that can replace or supplement conventional PPO health plans. We strive to deliver the best member healthcare experience in the industry. Fairos is backed by a professional medical bill negotiation team with 20 years of nationwide experience who work with high-quality providers to improve the patient's healthcare journey, not disrupt it.

FairosRx achieves the highest level of patient care at the best possible price through clean and effective Rx management. FairosRx is a 100% pass-through Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) with a proven track record of developing cost-effective, transparent pharmacy benefit solutions. With decades of experience, our team offers innovation & simplification to pharmacy benefits, resulting in clinical outcomes and financial savings that matter to you.

About The OccuNet Company

The OccuNet Company is an innovative healthcare cost containment company that offers out-of-network solutions (OccuNet), reference-based pricing (Fairos), and pharmacy benefits management (FairosRx). Our industry-unique set of cost-containment offerings makes healthcare more intelligent, streamlined, and cost-effective while improving the health and well-being of those we serve. Learn more about The OccuNet Company at or call (877) 880-2126